Core Service

Responsive Access is the first 'one-stop-shop' launch solution of its kind, combining innovative mission management software with a selection of critical, value adding services that simplify access to space. 

Through strategic partnerships with spacecraft manufacturers, launch vehicle developers, ground station services, environmental testing facilities, as well as logistics, regulatory and insurance companies, we provide support for mission assurance and in-orbit activity. Our mission management services go far beyond matching launch vehicles to your payload. 

Responsive Access addresses the key challenges faced by many innovative, new space organisations. Our management tool streamlines the process of organising a launch, optimising time and cost for customers. 


Additional Services

Environmental Testing and Qualification 

Through strategic partnerships with several purpose-built facilities, we can organise a variety of services for payload testing and qualification. Some examples include T-Vac, Shock, Vibration (Random and Sinusoidal), as well as bakeout and acoustic qualification.

Insurance, Regulatory and Legal Support 

Responsive Access offers vital insurance and administrative support to make sure your payload can reach space as soon as possible. From regulations and licensing, Launch Service Agreements and the all-important arranging of insurance, our team collaborate with industry leading partners to ensure your mission will be a success.

Supply Chain Support 

We provide logistical assistance for all aspects of the mission, from initial planning, to assisting with manufacturing and testing, to delivery of the payload to the launch site.

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